Associate Financial Analyst

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This is an entry level role for a business professional who will be in charge of analyzing financial information on behalf of a faith-based organization. They will be directly responsible for conducting and processing large amounts of financial data on a regular basis. One of their main duties will include reviewing and updating financial information within the organization’s management software platform. They will always strive to find prompt solutions but will escalate issues as needed. The Associate Financial Analyst will work full-time in an office setting during established business hours. The majority of their time will be spent working at a computer conducting ledger support to identify financial results. The Analyst will work alongside other data entry analysts, and report directly to the Chief Financial Officer of the organization.

Primary Duties:

  • Create detailed reports based on their observations and analysis

  • Perform quality reviews to identify financial discrepancies after weekly deposit reviews

  • Maintain and amend (as needed) documents for internal financial controls

  • Participate in audit preparations in order to monitor the process in a controlled environment

  • Perform reconciliation of balances and transactions

  • Required to follow strict financial and privacy procedures to maintain ethical positions

Experience & Qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration or related field

  • Strong Analytical Skills and have great attention detail

  • The ability to interpret and relay important ideas

  • The ability to multitask on a variety of projects and share information with other analysts

  • Familiarity with Church Management Software Like SecureGive, FellowshipOne and Power Church

  • Proficiency with financial model and accounting software. In addition, they will be well versed with Office Applications

  • The ability to pass a State/Federal Background Check