How To Automate Your Giving

Option 1:

1. Call your Bank or Log In to your Online Banking Software

2. Add new recipient

• World Overcomers, 2933 S. Miami Blvd. Suite 101, Durham, NC 27703

3. Set Up a New Bill Payment with World Overcomers as the Recipient

4. Specify the frequency and amount of the payment.

• It can be weekly/bi-weekly or monthly.

5. If this is for your tithe please have “TITHE” placed on the memo/account number line.

6. Confirm the recurring bill is set up and ready to go

Option 2:

1. Select your campus below

2. Click the “Give Now” button for your WOCC Campus under the “Online Giving” section

3. Once on the PushPay Website, enter the amount for each recurring payment at the top.

4. Click on “Set Up Recurring”

5. Choose the Frequency of your recurring gift

6. Choose the start date of your recurring gift

7. Select how you would like to determine the end of your recurring gift

8. Select “Tithe” under “Giving Type”

9. Follow the steps to verify your phone number

10. Select your payment method

11. Press Schedule Gift and your done