At World Overcomers, we have a variety of ministries that cater to all ages. We strive to help you and your family grow closer to God through exciting, spiritual experiences. But it doesn’t end there. We invite you to serve others too! Through ministries at World Overcomers, you can expect to be challenged in your own life while helping others along the way.

Thompson Communications Group

Andy Thompson is a “balanced-life” strategist, and a master teacher on this subject causing him to be called upon by spiritual, political, and business leaders alike for his council and guidance on topics ranging from business and organizational dynamics, to REAL Family building and right down to the redefined Faith Message.

Women's Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship focuses on meeting the spiritual needs of the women of World Overcomers and helping to increase their faith through building on the Word of God. We frequently host women’s fellowships, retreats, seminars and other events that empower women to be their very best. Past signature events include, “Ladies Night Out”, “She Overcomes: Nights of Worship”, Fearless & Free Conferences and our “Away With God” women’s retreat.


ManMade, Men

The mission of the MANMADE men’s ministry is to sharpen men to become world overcomers and to lead balanced, victorious lives. We promote spiritual growth and bonding among the men of World Overcomers by developing them into strong, mature leaders and role models. We are intentional about addressing issues that confront men: marriage, finances, leadership, attitudes, behaviors, thinking processes and positive ways of change. We build upon the messages delivered from our pastor, Pastor Andy Thompson. Some of the fellowships include virtual gatherings, tailgates, workshops and seminars, men’s breakfasts, a men’s retreat and we hosting Father’s Day weekend activities.


OKids, Children

6 months to 5th grade
Our children’s ministry aims to nurture in children a deep faith, support families as they nurture faith at home, and call and equip leaders who will share the love of Christ with children.

Students, Youth

6th grade to 12th grade
Student Ministry is an experience designed to help 6th- 12th graders know God. Through an inviting atmosphere, intense worship and a Word presented on their level; we create an environment that makes church a fun and exciting place they will not want to leave.

World Overcomers College

We are the college age ministry of World Overcomers Christian Church. We are the NEW WAVE of culture establishing God’s Kingdom on every college campus we place our feet. We have one mission, Rob Hell & Fill Heaven . “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.” Joshua 1:3

World Overcomers Young Adults, WOYA

A network of young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who connect through events, small groups, and community outings as a way to strengthen their faith and broaden their influence. We help young adults find the balance between their spiritual experience and their natural existence. This ministry is all about helping young adults build stronger relationships so they can live more fulfilling lives. Come and be a part of the fastest growing community in our church.

Projects of Hope, Outreach

At World Overcomers, we like to roll up our sleeves and get involved in community outreach and activities beyond our walls and encourage our members to do the same. Throughout the year, you can find us in local neighborhoods spearheading food drives, Toy Drives or volunteering in local shelters.

Primetime, 45+

Prime Time Ministry is a ministry that is designed for like-minded individuals that are ages 45+ to come together and become active at World Overcomers Christian Church. Primetime hosts events that enhance our knowledge of technology and display the different gifts and talents that God has given us. This is a ministry that will make sure that Primetimers are not lost in a rapidly progressing world.

Married Couples Fellowship

Have a more satisfying marriage. Learn how to effectively manage conflict, avoid negativity and meet each other’s needs. Improve your friendship with your spouse and increase intimacy, fondness and respect. Meet our Married Mentors for free Couples Talk counseling.  Join us for Date Night, Couples Talk counseling, Dinner meetings: Sundays at My Place, Married Couples Panel Discussions, and Couples Lunch and Walk, Bike on the American Tobacco Trail and the Neuse River Trail.  

We also offer a six-week Premarital course for couples that are recently engaged or who are in a serious relationship moving toward marriage. After the course is completed, our Pastors on staff can officiate your wedding. Engaged couples are encouraged to be married within a year of taking the Premarital course. For those individuals who are already married, we offer Couples Talk free marriage counseling.



The Prayer ministry’s purpose is to gain access to the presence of the Lord and to get results from praying. Divided into prayer time and instructional time, the prayer ministry gives time for meditation and personal prayer with inspirational music. We’ve learned that time in His presence solves many problems that seem insurmountable during a busy week. Prayer is designed not only to be meditative but produces an attitude that expects results.