Andy Thompson is the founder and Senior Pastor of World Overcomers Christian Church, a vibrant, state-of-the-art, nondenominational ministry in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts and Rhema Bible College, Andy initially founded World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham in 2003. WOCC opened a second campus in North Raleigh in the fall of 2015.

Over the past 15 years, World Overcomers’ membership has grown to more than 10,000 people, nearly half of them men. The church was recently named the 20th fastest growing church in America and ranks as the nations 29th largest church according to Outreach Magazine. It is recognized for serving underprivileged youth and families in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Andy Thompson is a dynamic faith preacher who is recognized as a renowned Christian leader, educator and motivator. Whether he’s speaking to an audience of thousands, advising business leaders or providing cultural commentary on issues such as family relationships or leadership development, his fresh perspective is both inspirational, practical and produces life-changing results. 

He recently started Overcomers Christian Fellowship through which he provides leadership, oversight and counsel to pastors in the Fellowship out of his passion to equip ministry and church leaders with the necessary tools to maximize their kingdom potential.

He has appeared on Daystar, TBN, TCT, the WORD network, The 700 Club and the Leon Show in Winnipeg, Canada. As a leading voice in his generation and a highly requested speaker, Thompson has received speaking invitations from TD Jakes, Kenneth Hagin and a host of other organizational leaders around the world.

An insightful counselor, Pastor Thompson brings more than 35 years of pastoral experience to his work with couples and families. Pastor Andy has authored powerful books  including Real Love and Handle With Care which offer practical strategies to build enduring relationships. 

Andy Thompson has been married to his wife LaShawn since 1991. They live in North Carolina with their two daughters and triplet sons. 

Overcomers Fellowship

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